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A short introduction I made for a university in Washington about how people reacted to some of the artworks I (co)curated for Art Stations of the Cross 2019 and 2020.

List of images and links for more information, Amsterdam edition:

– Hansa Versteeg: Madonna del Mare Nostrum, Cloak of Love, 2017, oil on canvas, 125 x 125 cm.

– Photo in situ by Hansa Versteeg

– Erica Grimm in collaboration with Tracie Stewart and Sheinagh Anderson: Salt Water Skin Boats, 2018, willow, dogwood, fig, cedar branches, cheesecloth, animal skin and gut, bathymetric ocean maps, layers of wax, earbuds, LED lights.

– Photo in situ by Alma Ouweneel

– Photo during the emergency operation by Amsterdam City Rights

– Güler Ates: Water no longer dances with light, 2019, New sight-specific installation, wallpaper and photography. Photos in situ by Rietje Bulthuis Our Father in Aramaic (by the story about station 6 Amsterdam):

…and about the art in Deventer:

– Roy Villevoye and Jan Dietvorst: The New Dress, video installation, 21,00”, 2016

– Masha Trebukova: Dead soldiers of Ukraine, papier-maché/mixed media, from 2018

– Naya Moussaly Arabic calligraphy, 2020 Lieke Wijnia’s article:


Anikó Ouweneel