Art Curator

Anikó designed more than thirty art exhibitions in Europe. Presently she develops an extensive European contemporary art project. In 2020 she was co-curator of the contemporary Art Stations of the Cross pilgrimage in the city of Deventer. In 2019 she was co-curator of the 2019 edition of this international series in the inner city of Amsterdam (after London, Washington and New York).



Blogs and Reviews

Anikó’s blogs and reviews in English  and visual meditations in Dutch about current works of art (often pieces she worked with) can assist you in contemplating art.

Artworks for Sale

We also offer a high-quality collection of inspirational contemporary art for sale; the kind of story-layered art that can be handed down to future generations.

Lectures and Workshops

Anikó gives cultural-history lectures and workshops in English and Dutch, for example “Secrets of a Successful Art Exhibition”, “A Comparative Study of Visual Art, Literature and Music through the Centuries” or “Faith Pictured through the Centuries”. Lectures and workshops can also be custom-built based on themes the group would like to discuss.

Moderating and Facilitating

Interviews on stage, hosting and moderating symposiums and gatherings around art are activities Anikó undertakes regularly.

Visiting an Atelier

Sometimes artists need an outsider to brainstorm about their artistic process. The past years Anikó inspired many artists to move forward through enriching atelier visits.

Blogs and News

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A striking void functions as supporting background in the works discussed in the book Musings by Arent Weevers. The artist […]

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Are you startled? Do you feel uneasy or rather moved to ask and to help? Do you find yourself under […]

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