Visio Divina is the digital collection of the work of cultural entrepreneur Anikó Ouweneel-Tóth. News about her work and her art blogs are published here regularly. Visio Divina is also a contemporary art gallery dedicated to the promotion of professional European artists whose work can strengthen the hope for restoration in life.

My name is Anikó Ouweneel-Tóth and I love writing about works of art that do just that. The communication flow triggered by such an artwork intrigues me. I learned that a nourishing source of life can be recognized through the movements of one’s heart and hands. Art born from a healthy spiritual source can help the spectator to pray or meditate, ask questions and sometimes find answers. Exercising “visio divina” (praying and meditating on this kind of visual art) can help you to grow in the process, to exercise the art of living. This is the kind of quality I seek to present and describe through blogs in English and reviews or visual meditations in Dutch.

Visio Divina is also an art gallery filled with inspirational works of artIf you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Have a great time looking around!