Art Stations of the Cross Deventer is open!

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ART STATIONS OF THE CROSS 2020: the inspired path of peace, compassion and justice

A contemplative art route in Deventer (The Netherlands)  26 February – 11 April 2020

open from Wednesdays to Saturdays between 11.00 and 16.00

Art Stations of the Cross

Two short videos and a few photos from the opening/tour:


Every step you take in the picturesque city of Deventer and every work of art you observe remind you how vulnerable you are.
Injustice, desolation and war are of all times. Suffering is inevitable. Yet there are always people who make an effort to work towards peace, justice and compassion. Follow in the footsteps of inspiration Deventer!

Building upon the strong foundations and experiences of the international series Art Stations of the Cross initiated by Aaron Rosen and Catriona Laing in 2016, in 2020 the project lands in Deventer, one of the oldest and best preserved (Hanseatic) cities of the Netherlands.

For this edition, curator Anikó Ouweneel (co-curator of the 2019 Amsterdam edition) and Deventer initiator Arent Weevers (artist of station 8 in the 2019 edition), designed another complex multi-venue route with works that run the gamut of artistic media.

This art pilgrimage brings the visitor to cultural, historical, social and religious organizations that formed and form this cultural and intellectual center in the province of Overijssel. At every stop we look at the traditional station of the cross in a new way, through the interaction of the work of art with the location where passion, enthusiasm and commitment for each other are visible in the local community today. The route relates to the immaterial religious heritage of walking the stations in the time of Lent. The artworks relate to universal themes characterizing the stations and refer to our times and/or the history of the city.

2020 is also the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands from Nazi occupation. Deventer has significant links to that event. A special effort was made to include works relating to the Netherland’s Jewish and Muslim communities.

Jesus’ passion changed the world. It still inspires and gives hope today, worldwide. We hope that this art route will work as an inclusive project for the local community, challenge and energize the visitors, and where possible – through their own interpretations of the theme – enhance their art of living.