Visio Divina

Anikó Ouweneel, Martijn Comes en Kali Malone in gesprek met RE:VIVE’s Gregory Markus (als onderdeel van het Rijksdienst voor Cultureel Erfgoed’s Kerk & Kunst programma)

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Discourse Programme for Resonance

Resonance, our collaboration with the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision’s RE:VIVE initiative, is a full day of workshops, music and talks exploring new contexts for contemporary church music. Having announced the music programme- with Kali Malone, Martijn Comes and NYX- and the workshop, we now draw your attention to the discourse programme. Anikó Ouweneel, Martijn Comes and Kali Malone will join RE:VIVE’s Gregory Markus for a panel exploring the artistic, ethical and historical questions that accompany the use of and presentation of contemporary art in sacred spaces. Join us on Saturday 30th November. The talks will begin at 17.00 and end around 18.15.

In conversation with Martijn Comes and Kali Malone, Anikó Ouweneel

This conversation will dive into the works of Martijn Comes, Kali Malone and curator Anikó Ouweneel. The conversation will explore the musicians’ affinity for instruments most closely associated with religious spaces, the impact that the space has on their art and extrapolate the compositional and conceptual vision of each artist and the societal, historical and ethical impact that comes with the revitalisation of sacred spaces.

Anikó Ouweneel

Is a cultural historian, curator and writer focusing on art in religious spaces. Along with Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaker she was editor for the 2015 book, Handboek voor Kunst en Kerk (Handbook for Art and Church). With over 30 years of curatorial experience, Anikó has curated and presented artworks in churches around Europe. Most recently she served as co-curator of the Stations of the Cross Amsterdam edition where unique artworks were presented in 14 (converted) religious and secular spaces across the city.